PETE BAXENDELL, owner/driver and an accredited guide & naturalist, was born and bred in the native bush of East Africa. From his earliest recollections, he was immersed in the ageless wisdom of his native land.

He graduated as a Forest Officer, where one of his primary responsibilities was tracking illegal bands of wild animal poachers. He subsequently aided the Kenya Security Forces with his exceptional tracking abilities.

Pete worked as a professional guide in the East African Safari industry followed by successful management of extensive plantations in both Tanzania and Papua New Guinea.

This international background has allowed him to excel as an elite Tour Guide and Operator, creating a unique niche in Tropical North Queensland. Over the last decade, since moving to Australia, Pete's interest in nature and passion for bush medicines and foods continues to expand. 

Pete is proud of the 3 Eco-Accreditation DAINTREE SPECIALISED TOURS has been awarded. These Eco-Accreditation awards demonstrate Pete's belief in providing quality ecotourism experiences.

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